GoFundMe Content Audit

Auditing GoFundMe’s product content across platforms 💬

3 months 
Intern Project
Content areas:
Brand voice and tone
Google Slides


My intern project was a content audit of the entire GoFundMe product across all different platorms. There were seven different product areas and three different platforms: Desktop web, Mobile web, and Native app. 

The goals for this project was to:

1. Identify and deliver on opportunities for greater consistency and trust building for all GFM products

2. Ensure consistent and an as-accurate-as-possible voice for all GFM product pathways

3. Identify larger improvements/ initiatives that would need both content and design support


I can’t go into details about the designs, but this was the structure of my audit:

The audit focused on 5 different “buckets”: Clarity, Conversationality, Consistency, Brand alignment, and Guideline alignment. I then went through each product area and platform to identify and recommend greater content consistency and trust building based on these buckets.

In the end, I was able to recommend 100+ changes to user-facing copy to help improve the GoFundMe experience.